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Unconventional Accessories That You Must Have For 3D Printing

by Joseph Mireles

3D printing is one of the easiest and most common manufacturing methods. It uses additive technology for producing a wide range of products. The most important device needed in the 3D printing industry is the 3D printer. However, this product requires some 3D printing accessories for easy and effortless performance. Click here to check out some popular 3D printing accessories. In this excerpt, we look at the most uncommon 3D printing accessories.

Uncommon 3D printing accessories

Below are some unconventional 3D printing accessories;

1. Nozzle cleaning kit

Every 3D printing company or individual must own a good nozzle cleaning kit. The nozzle is a component of the extruder where the material is extruded from. Therefore, it is prone to issues like getting clogged with melted plastic. This mostly happens after constant and repeated use. It is also worth mentioning that the nozzle is a very delicate component. This means that you must take very keen caution when cleaning it.

For this reason, nozzle cleaning kits were established. This kit will help make the task of cleaning your nozzle effortless. It will also ensure that a clogged nozzle does not delay your printing projects.

2. Sculpting kit

Another mandatory accessory is the sculpting kit which mainly entails carving knives. One of the primary challenges of 3D printing is that you cannot be guaranteed a good finish for your 3D model. This is particularly important if you solely rely on the 3D printer.

For this reason, you also need a set of carving tools. The tools will be used for smoothing out the final products. This is done by removing rafts and any excess materials. Therefore, owning sculpting materials helps improve the outcome of the printing project.

3. Sandpaper

Sandpaper plays a similar role to sculpting materials (carving knives). The sandpaper will help ensure that your 3D printed product has a smooth and attractive finish. You can have various types of sandpaper with varying grits.

With these, you can use a different one on various projects. Sandpaper can also be used to define details on your 3D printed models. This can be done by sharpening its features and smoothing rough edges. Compared to the accessories mentioned above, sandpaper is the cheapest.

4. Tweezers

A pair of tweezers may not seem like a conventional 3D printing accessory. However, it is a very useful accessory in 3D printing. It can be applied for the post-processing of your model. It can also be used to fiddle and adjust the finer components of the printer.

5. Pliers

A good pair of pliers would also make a great addition to your 3D printing accessories kit. You will need one with a needle nose to allow you to get into the smallest nooks and crannies of your 3D printer. You can use a pair of pliers you want to remove jams in the extruder. You can also use it to install new filament and other tasks.

Final word

The accessories mentioned above are the most unconventional ones. However, they are simply a drop in the ocean when it comes to the types of products you may need in your 3D printing accessories kit. There are several other accessories that you will need, like adhesive and palette knives.

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