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Reasons Why Aluminum Extrusions Are Highly Applicable In Various Fields

by Joseph Mireles

Aluminum extrusion is a technique used to convert aluminum allows into various forms of aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles typically have a definitive cross-section. The products can also feature numerous shapes, depending on the purpose of the process. The market features a wide range of custom aluminum extrusion suppliers. Aluminum extrusions offer a wide range of benefits which will be discussed below.

The benefits of aluminum extrusion

This technique features a wide range of advantages. This is the main reason why the method is applied in a wide range of areas. Below are some benefits of aluminum extrusions;

1. Lightweight

One of the primary advantages is that aluminum is naturally lightweight. Naturally, aluminum weighs a third of the overall weight of other metals like iron, steel, copper, and brass. This element makes the process of aluminum extrusion easier to handle than its counterparts. It also makes the products less costly to ship. Therefore, aluminum is an attractive option in applications where weight reduction is needed.

2. Strength

Most people assume that aluminum alloy’s strength is why aluminum products are typically robust. However, this is not the case. While aluminum is quite strong, the extrusion process also provides additional strength. Therefore, another advantage is that aluminum extrusion stocks can feature varying strength levels.

The type of application usually determines the strength. The extrusion process also allows manufacturers to concentrate the strength where it is needed. Therefore, a single product may feature varying wall thickness in different parts.

3. Resilience and corrosion resistance

Both aluminum and aluminum extrusions offer flexibility and strength. Their resilience can be attributed to the fact that aluminum extrusions can spring back from impact loads. They can also flex under loads. These characteristics make them useful in areas like the manufacture of crash management systems in the automobile industry.

Additionally, aluminum extrusions are highly resistant to corrosion. This is because the aluminum surface is typically protected through oxidation. The oxidation on the surface causes the formation of a strong oxide layer that prevents rust. To enable more superior corrosion resistance, the products can be subjected to other finishing processes like anodization.

4. Electricity and thermal conductivity

Aluminum is known as an efficient conductor of heat and cold. For this reason, aluminum extrusion is applicable in areas where heat dissipation or heat exchangers are applied.

On the other hand, aluminum has a very high conductivity level. Its conductivity is twice that of copper. For this reason, aluminum extrusions are applied in the manufacture of distribution parts and electrical connectors.

5. Ease of fabrication and assembly

Aluminum extrusions are also very easy to assemble. However, this depends on the effectiveness of the aluminum extrusion process. The products can also be applied in various fabrication processes, depending on the end goal.

Final word

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, aluminum extrusions offer a high level of flexibility. For this reason, its applications are vast. It is also worth noting that aluminum extrusions are generally more cost-effective than their competition. They are non-magnetic and safe for the environment due to their non-toxic and noncombustible characteristics.

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