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Safety Measures to Adopt When Using a Press Brake Machine

by Joseph Mireles

The hydraulic press brake machine is a machine used to carry out different functions. The processes are complex, therefore adequate care must be taken when operating the machine. When proper care is not taken, it can damage the machine and also harm the user.

Probably you own the machine, applying the safety precautions will help to keep you out of danger. Also, business owners with this machine on their premises should ensure that their staffs have a proper understanding of the safety tips.

Ways to Ensure Safety While Using the Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Always ensure that you carry out routine maintenance

The hydraulic brake machine is very delicate and can develop faults when it is not properly handled. It is not advisable to wait for the machine to develop fault before working on it, rather it is idle to carry out routine checks to avoid breakdown.

There are sensitive parts in this machine that need proper care and maintenance, when these parts are not regularly maintained, with time the parts will wear off.

2. Make sure the machine is kept clean after each use

For the hydraulic press to remain effective, it is very important to clean the machine, and also the environment is kept clean. The hydraulic press machine should be regularly lubricated, to avoid problems such as stiffness, friction, failure of the machine to respond.

When particles are left uncleaned in the machine for a long while, it can cause dangerous conditions that may not only damage the machine but also harm the person operating the machine.

3. Ensure you possess basic knowledge before handling the machine

Going ahead to use a hydraulic press machine without basic knowledge of it is a very dangerous act. Possessing a basic knowledge of it will help to avoid some problems because you are already conversant with the machine parts.

4. Examine the machine regularly

You will realize that inspecting this brake machine is a very profitable activity. Examine the general covering for tears, seals for tears, check the fluids for degradation, and hoses for leakages. Always be quick to detect undue vibrations and unnecessary noise. Paying close attention to these vital signs will go a long way in prolonging the efficiency of the appliance.

5. Apply all safety precautions in the manual

Every appliance comes with a manual that contains safety tips to help the users stay safe. If eventually these instructions are not adhered to, it can expose the users to danger. Making use of a hydraulic brake machine requires a great level of experience and carefulness.


Every appliance or equipment comes with a manual that contains safety instructions. Before you use a hydraulic brake machine, you must know the right ways of using the machine and also apply them. When you do this, it will keep the machine in good working condition and also ensure the safety of the user.

If your press brake machine has faults, then you are probably better off getting a new one.

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