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Hydraulic Press Dies: What Are They, And What Are The Different Types

by Joseph Mireles

BLY Hydraulic press is a top Chinese hydraulic press manufacturer. The company exports its products to various countries. The products made by BLY Hydraulic press are known for their impeccable quality, precision, and variety. In addition to being a hydraulic press manufacturer, BLY Hydraulic press is also a hydraulic press die manufacturer. This post discusses the definition and different types of hydraulic press die.

What is a die?

A die is a specialized machine tool commonly used in the manufacturing industry. The role of a die is to help cut and form materials into pre-determined desired shapes and profiles. In hydraulic presses, various types of dies are applied.

Types of dies

Below are some of the most popular types of diets on the market;

  • Stamping dies – these are unique precision tools used to cut and form sheet metal into various desired shapes and profiles. They are used in stamping hydraulic presses where sheet metal is pressed or stamped between two components. The components are usually referred to as mating components. Stamping dies usually get their force from the press. The stamping process usually occurs between the dies.
  • Drawing dies- these are dies used for shaping cuplike pieces out of sheet metal. Here, the sheet metal is pushed into the die via a punch. In drawing dies, blank holders are applied to keep the metal from wrinkling as it is pushed into the die. The blank holder ensures the outer edges of the metal firmly as the die works. There are various types of drawing dies, including wire drawing dies. These tools are used to cut wires in various shapes and forms. They can be used for a wide range of materials.
  • Silhouette dies- these dies are typically made from either a piece of metal or acrylic. The metal or acrylic is cut into a silhouette of a pre-determined shape based on a particular product or part design. These dies can be purchased from various die manufacturers. However, you can also make them at home or in your factory. Silhouette dies are commonly used in hydraulic presses as they are simple and can be applied in various ways.
  • Casting dies- these tools are used in the die casting process. Die casting is a process used to manufacture parts from molten metal. In die casting, a metal workpiece is melted and poured into steel molds. The molds are also known as casting dies. These dies are created from steel and are designed especially for each project. Casting dies have to be manufactured with care as they influence the accuracy and repeatability of the product and the results.

Take Note

Not each of the types of dies listed above is used in hydraulic presses. For instance, casting dies are not a type of hydraulic die. On the other hand, drawing and stamping dies are used with hydraulic presses.


In addition to the dies, hydraulic presses also feature several other types of components. Hydraulic press dies are paramount to the performance of hydraulic press machines.

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