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Why flame cutting and plasma cutting are different

by Joseph Mireles

Cutting down metal to preferred sizes has always been an interesting field. There are several factors you have to get just right. Two of the preferred methods of using this are the flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine.

Picking the right process depends on the particular job as both have their pros and cons. This article will look at both methods and find the difference between both methods. This will help you make the right decision when faced with the common question of which process is better.

Understanding the flame cutting process

This process uses mostly fuel and oxygen to aid its cutting process. The key here to get it heated up enough to ensure it cuts through the material. Because this process depends so much on oxygen and other types of fuel, it is often referred to as the oxyfuel method.

The oxygen is the final piece in ensuring that the material is cut. It is usually applied after a high temperature has been reached.

Understanding the plasma cutting process

Just like the flame cutting process, this process is also thermal. However, the main difference here is that it uses an electric arc. This is used to increase the temperature of the gas. This allows it to reach a high enough temperature to cut the material.

Unlike the flame cutting process that uses oxygen as its final piece in the puzzle, the plasma cutting process relies on the electric arc

Pros and Cons of the flame cutting process

The biggest advantage of using the flame cutting process is that it is very portable. You also need no supplies for power here. Instead, all you need is some cylinders for gas and oxygen.

Flame cutting is usually used when you have to do some really thick cutting. This is where it is really at its best.

One of the drawbacks of the flame cutting process is that it can only be used with some materials. This includes alloy steels as well as carbon steels.

Pros and cons of the plasma cutting process

Quality is the hallmark of this kind of process. It is the go-to method for precision cuts. If your material is a great conductor of electricity, then you should probably use this process.

Unlike the flame cutting process, this process is not limited by materials. It can be used with many types of materials. This makes it truly versatile.

However, plasma cutting will not work well with thick metals. Also, it needs a lot of power supplies before it can function at full capacity. These are important factors you have to take in before settling for either process.

So which process should you choose?

Confused about the process? The process you choose will depend on what needs to be done. Consider some of the pros and cons. Then, with the right knowledge, make an objective decision.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the process you decide to stick with, knowing the difference between both processes will save you a lot of time and resources. It will also be handy in the future.

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