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What You Should Know About Valve Bag Filling Machine

by Joseph Mireles

A valve bag filler is a unit (electromagnetic), used to lift and load materials into a unique design of bags. Valve bags, like they are called, are also responsible for filling, weighing, and sealing different sizes and models of bags or containers with powdery and flaked products. These products are filled using impellers, gravity, auger, etc, spouts to complete the process.

If you want to buy valve bag filling machine systems but don’t know where to start from, then stick to this piece as you get to know the advantages and different types of valve bag fillers.

Advantages of Using Valve Bag Filling Systems

The following are some of the benefits attached to using valve bag filling systems:

  • User-friendly
  • Maximum productivity
  • High filling speeds
  • Minimizes dust
  • Reduces spillage

Valve Bag Filling Machines – Types

When it comes to valve bag filling machines, there is a variety of them:

1. Impeller Filler

The impeller valve bag filler is more compatible with products in powdered form. It uses the jet flow system to fill the valve bags with products. The jet flow system is connected with the filler.

Further, it tightly fills the bag fast, without spilling dust. While using, ensure that the pressure is moderate to avoid bursting the bags.

2. Gravity Filler

This filler uses a time-based system to fill the valve bags with products. The machine comes with a hopper, which is held up to the spout to provide the product. If the bags are kept underfill spout, it will open for a while, before letting products get into the bags.

If the time preset elapses, it causes the shut-valves to close, causing the cut-off of the product supply. Gravity valve bag fillers are more economical and assist the filling process greatly.

3. Grooved Belt Filler

Otherwise known as auger valve bag filler or screw valve bag filler, the grooved belt filling machine can fill the valve bag with the accurate amount of required products. The hopper is used to store the products so, in every cycle, the valve bag receives a supply of a predetermined quantity of products.

In a grooved belt valve bag filling machine, the bag can either be queued up or held in hand for filling. This filling is done with a conveyor system, specifically for automation.

Again, it’s used for making correct holes in raw materials. It takes materials forward during rotation and uses an auger screw to dispense materials.

4. Air Filler

The Air Valve Bag Filling Machine shares a lot of similarities with the impeller filler.

However, in air filler, pressurized air is applied to force out products from the hopper. After this, the tooling system receives then and then sends it to the valve bag.

5. Vacuum Filler

This is accompanied by a vacuum pump; this ensures that light products are filled into the valve bags. Here, the bulk glow system and the vacuum chamber both work together to ensure that products from the hopper are drawn inside the toooling system.


When looking to purchase a valve bag filling machine, there are tons of alternatives to consider. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to the machine’s cost of operation, speed, changeover, etc. You can also sort the expertise of a trained technician.

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