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The Ultimate Guide to Peptides

by Joseph Mireles

You have been hearing a lot of about Peptides but have no idea what it means. Not to worry!

This article has got you covered. Let’s look at what Peptides are, and how they work, shall we?

What are Peptides?

A peptide is in the form of a short string of amino acids. This string may consist of about 2 to 50 amino acids. If you don’t know what amino acids are, they act as the building blocks for protein, but proteins contain more substances.

The body can absorb peptides easier and faster than proteins because they are smaller and less complex. It is very easy for them to permeate the intestine and skin, therefore they can enter the bloodstream without stress.

Supplements contain peptides that can be gotten from either plant or animal protein sources. These sources include eggs, milk, meat, shellfish, hemp seed, flaxseed, soy, oats, beans, lentils, wheat, etc.  

Note that different peptides have different properties. These properties depend on the sequence the amino acids are arranged in.

In simple terms, peptides are like proteins but smaller versions. Studies have shown that peptides play a huge role in fighting microbes, slowing down the aging process, and decreasing inflammation.

It is used a lot in the health and cosmetic industry, because of its muscle-building, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Most of the supplements we take and cosmetic products we buy contain peptides.

One of the most popular peptides is collagen peptides for skin health and to slow down aging. Another one is the creatine peptide that helps to build muscle mass.

Some athletes even consume peptides and peptide hormones to increase athletic performance, although Anti-Doping agencies and other sport health organizations have banned most of them.

Benefits of peptides

Medical research focuses more on bioactive peptides. Some of their benefits include

  • Aids rapid wound healing

Since collagen is a major part of healthy skin, people take collagen peptides to enhance rapid wound healing.  Bioactive peptides serve as antioxidants and prevent inflammation, thus helping the body to heal faster.

  • Restricts the aging process

Collagen is a vital protein in skin, hair, and nails. This is why taking collagen peptides will enhance skin health, and slow down the aging process because the body can easily absorb them.

Some studies have even shown that health or food supplements that consists of collagen peptides may reduce skin wrinkles, improve hydration, and enhance skin elasticity.

Another beautiful thing about peptides is that it contains melanin. This is a skin pigment that improves skin protection against sun rays.

If you buy a cosmetic product that claims to prevent aging, remove wrinkles, and hydrate the skin, there are high chances that it contains peptides.

  • Increases muscle mass and builds strength

Studies and results have shown that peptides build strength and increase muscle mass. A lot of athletes do resistance training and take peptide supplements.

One of such peptides is creatine peptides.

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