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Learn the Intricacies of CNC Machining Services

by Joseph Mireles

Are you looking for CNC machining services? If so, then you need to make a few choices, most of which are guided by the CNC machining quote that matches your budget. You need to decide the materials you will work with, the surface finish, and product design. At the beginning of CNC machining, there are a lot of choices to be made. This article discusses the different options you have to choose from and how to narrow them down.

1. 3D Printing or CNC Machining?

CNC machining is more accurate compared to 3D printing. It is also compatible with a wide variety of materials, including wood, glass, foam, and plastic. On the other hand, Additive manufacturing has the advantage of the freedom of shape application in many industries and cost-cutting. Innovation in the manufacturing industry has led to the creation of CNC machines that combine 3D printing and subtractive manufacturing, an added advantage to the client.

2. Threading Considerations for CNC Machining

A thread is a uniform helical groove cut inside or outside of a cylindrical workpiece. There are two types of threading, internal and external threading. Note, to successfully thread a hole in a workpiece; it must fall within the required diameter (5.1mm), be in one of the three cardinal axes, and be perpendicular to the revolution axis for optimum turning. External threading is much more flexible than internal threading as it does not have to be in the three cardinal axes.

3. Material Options for CNC Machining

When it comes to product design, choosing the material for CNC machining is a crucial decision. Since materials are in ample supply and you understand your product better, you must make the decision. Here are some ways you can use what you know about your product to narrow down your options:

  • Determine the requirements your product function dictates
  • Identify any common materials that make up similar products
  • Consider related secondary processes
  • Create CNC prototypesand experiment with different materials.

4. Designing for CNC Machining

Before getting CNC machining services, you need to come up with a functional design for your product. Digital manufacturing relies on digital designs that turn into programs for CNC machines to use when creating your product. One mistake in the designing stage could waste a lot of time and resources and cause you frustration.

General Design Considerations for CNC Machining Parts

When deciding on the diameters of the holes in your product design, use standard drill bits preferably measured in the imperial system. For holes requiring high tolerance, we recommend using finishing reamers for gaps less than 20 mm. This CNC technique results in high precision products.

The thickness of your product’s walls should not go above 0.8mm for metals and or 1.5mm for your plastics. Exceptions go up to 0.5mm for metals. Feel free to add a few unique details to your design but ensure that all holes are at least 2.5mm in diameter to provide the highest accuracy.

In conclusion

Before you start looking for CNC machining services, ensure that you have made the right product design decisions. Most CNC machining shops have standard working tools, so try and keep your plan simple for a reasonable quotation.

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