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Common CNC Machine Tools Used In Manufacturing Industries

by Joseph Mireles

Machine tools have made major upgrades in precision and efficiency. This level of progress has been made only over the past few years. The process of reshaping a particular workpiece using a cutting tool, turning it into the desired shape.

 Even though some of the machine tools still maintain some basic characteristics of old tools, engineers, technicians, and contract manufacturing have taken advantage of computerized numerical control (CNC) machines which are designed to carry out seemingly complex sequences with various shapes and sizes for a very wide range of machining projects, all very precise and carried out efficiently.

Best CNC Machine Tools Right Now

Among hundreds of machine tools used on the machine, here are some of the commonly used machine tools in the manufacturing industry:

1. Turning Machine

A lathe, also known as a turning machine, reshapes a material by rotating the workpiece at high revolutions per hour (RPM).

Usually called the father of all machine tools, the turning machine has its roots dated back to the time when Egyptians used it to perform many operations. Another reason is the fact that the turning machine has a physical print on all other machine tools as parts of it were added to make other machine tools.

2. Milling Machine

Milling is carried out with the aid of a milling machine. In the removal of material in the milling process, a fixture is used to secure the workpiece. At this point, a multipoint cutting tool is used to reshape the fixed workpiece. The multipoint cutter is a cutter with different forms of sharp ends used to cut.

The whole process of milling has proven to be a fundamental operation in the manufacturing world. Though it might seem that too much freedom has resulted in the turning processes becoming less accurate.

3. Drilling Machine

A twist drill is such a unique tool, it will forever be valuable to people who have an interest in manufacturing and the use of machine tools. The twist is another tool used by manufacturers and technicians to create designs by shaping and cutting.

In using the twist drill, it has a pointed end used for cutting holes in a workpiece. Just like the twist drill, a similar job is done by reaming and boring, used in machining holes.

4. Broaching Machine

A great tool for finishing is the broaching machine. It carries out fine finishes on materials to the desired extent and requires very little human intervention. The broaching machine is armed with a tooth. This tooth is used for scrapping out pieces of metal along with the material.

If the process seems insufficient, it is repeated to make sure that the job is a perfect one and that it meets the requirement.

The number of times the tooth goes along the material, the geometry of the material, and the amount of scrap metal removed by the tooth each time it goes along the material will determine how many times the broaching process has to be repeated.


The extent to which machining tools have improved over the years shows how fast technology is advancing. The use of these machining tools have will greatly improve shortly and so will the designed products be.

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